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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  January 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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good evening it's a battle over if bathrooms and tonight one bay area school has a new policy. students are allowed to choose the boys room or the girls room depending on the gender with which they identify. candace mccowan has the story.
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bathroom i would always have to wait. it was this year that he told his parents that he wanted to transition. nathan claims the community rallied around him and planned to call the school and he believes that led the principal to send this message to parents. >> we recently received a request from a transgender students. the students request has been granted. >> reporter: telling parents nathan can use the boy's bathroom. >> i've heard that some parents have complained. and some students have complained. me about it. >> reporter: parents were extremely vocal about all of this all over social media with opinions all over the place. in tampa, candace mccowan. authorities in palmeto have a mystery on their hands. the sheriff's office tells me long.
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her killer as well. for now there's no word on her identity. a propane tank exploded and deputies tell us there were no serious injuries. there. experts have called zika a potential pandemic in the making. it may be linked to birth defects. there are two other cases in miami dade county, none of them contracted the mosquito borne disease in the u.s. now the latest on the recovery efforts from this weekend's tornadoes. the children injured in the
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two adults were killed in that twister and several others were injured. jeff patternson show us how people are recovering. >> reporter: leonard and his daughter serve on the volunteer fire department and they were the first to arrive at the scene of total devastation. >> right then we started hearing kids screaming and yelling. they started running at us. >> reporter: grandparent steven and katie wilson were killed by the tornado. the children were alive but frightened. >> there were scrapes and bumps and bruises. scared to death. >> reporter: today a family member posted this photo of the children on a go fund me account web page. the account was started by family friend brandon batancourt. >> i heard about the devastation that happened.
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at lee county volunteer firefighters with one of the fathers of the girls. in siesta key residents and crews are working against the clock. crews are busy tearing down and removing excess debris. in the meantime residents are cleaning up and taking inventory of their damaged prompt. -- damaged property. in the end residents say lives are more important than stuff. >> you can replace things but you can't replace people. so that's what it's all about. >> reporter: the tarp will be in place by thursday and officials say it could take months before this building is fully restored. on siesta key, john roberts. today we're getting an
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were able to rescue a woman roof. they used an air jack to lift the debris off of her. the successful rescue was all persistence. >> we train on these things thousands of times and we never get to use them. sort of like being a to race. but at that moment we were able process of saving someone. >> reporter: this was the first time the department has used the air bags in a structure collapse. they are typically used to accidents. polk county school superintendent is dealing with a complaint lodged by another top ranking school leader. greg rivers lodged the complaint against his boss katherine leroy. the details of the complaint have not been made public and
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very little to say about it. >> and i prefer not to make any further comment because we and so it's just hypothetical as to how it will affect the district at this time. >> reporter: neither the superintendent or associate superintendent would comment. but if the complaint is found to be true it could lead to the superintendent potentially having her contract terminated. pinellas congressman is intending to shake things up a bit. jolly wants to stop fund raising. >> stop spending 30 hours a week outside of your office asking people for money. start spending a full week in your office solving the problems that your community asks you to solve. >> reporter: jolly says he
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popular with democratic or republican party leaders but he already has the private support of five other members of congress. >> yes. >> so you know. >> uh-huh. solid here. >> no. >> but it is chilly. people are bundled up outside it's pretty funny. >> for florida it's chilly. this does not include the coastal area of pasco county. this doesn't mean we will not see isolated pockets. these are the areas that are seeing warnings. brooksville and inverness and crystal river, the usual
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46, 48 now lakeland. lows for tonight 37 in springs, 35 land o lakes. 29degrees inverness, 28 in brooksville. clear sky, light wind conditions typically lead this time of year to very cold tomorrow. we have more on the warm up and storm chances and your weekend forecast all coming up. still ahead on 8 at 7:00. >> the man who ripped a mural down in an act of civil disobedience now wants his say so on what goes up in its place. after active tornadoes tear through, the first on the scene were contractors trying to get work. i'll tell you how to tell the
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controversy surrounding a mural that used to hang inside st. petersburg city hall. as peter bernard shows us the fight is exactly what should go in the spot where the mural was and who should make that decision. >> reporter: news photos from 1966 document the act that sent joe waller to prison for more than two years. he led a march to city hall and ripped the mural down that showed black musicians with exaggerated facial features playing at a picnic. a blank wall on the grand staircase at city hallmarks the spot where the mural once hung. >> in preparing for this proposal, the city has made no attempt to talk to me or any of the other surviving men. >> reporter: he joined several other men to protest plans for the new mural. >> if he wants to provide input
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any is citizen is. >> reporter: the city has mural. 8th. osatelo promises if the city does it their way he will tear down the poster again. in st. petersburg, peter bernard, news challenge eight. are you using one of the most common pass words. we'll take a look at some new ones that showed up this year coming up. >> there's no pain at the pump for delta airlines.
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oil traded by low $12 an hour today. the dow finished the day up 27 points, the s & p gained a point and the nasdaq was down 11. if you think cheap gas is making you happy at the pump just imagine how delta airline feels. it saved more than $5.1 billion on fuel last year. it's expecting those savings to continue into this year with another $3 billion saved. that extra cash should help the airline recoop losses which took a hit following the paris terror attack last december. it costs more than ever the to go see a movie. the average ticket price was $8.70 during the fourth quarter
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that's even before you factor in the popcorn which isn't it like $8. any way, the number was driven up by big screen and premium seating options which costs even more. do you love chocolate is this and do you love mcdonalds french fries what if they combined the two. that's the idea behind the mcchoco potato. the mcdonalds in japan will begin serving fries with chocolate chocolate drizzled on top. at this point they're only available in japan. so send me a pic on twitter if you go. and companies will start trying out pay with app. and if you were up last night and trying to tweet you
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twitter's website simply said something is technically wrong. mobile access also malfunctioned. later this morning twitter blamed a change to an internal code by 1:00 this afternoon the problem was fixed. apple is promising a fix for a bug. some users have noticed that the battery display gets stuck. usually happens when you change time zones. until the fix is ready. apple suggests you restart your phone and choose the option to have the phone automatically change the time. whatsapp is dropping its annual subscription fee. the app's owner says he wants to remove barriers for users. some people don't have access to a credit card so the charge
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people are still using really bad pass words. favorites. 123456 and password. football and baseball showed up in the top ten as well. you don't have to go to a galaxy far away to use words like solo, princess and star wars all new to this year's list. password with a zero instead of an o and iqaz2wax. just look at your keyboard and that one will make more sense. tornado victims have a lot to worry about right.
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unlicensed and uninsured contractors. >> are both of you licensed? >> no i was just helping a friend out on this job. >> reporter: he would not give me a name but said he was freelancing his services. >> reporter: what happens if someone falls through the roof. >> nobody is going to fall through. >> reporter: how do you know. what if they do? what happened. >> reporter: good thing this guy spotted 8 on your side and got off the roof safely. the crew regrouped and packed up. but not without a quick one finger salute. we found crew after crew cleaning up tornado ravaged properties. this drone 8 video shows why storm chasing contractors came here fast. there's so much work to be done though, that it's hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. the licensed and insured from those just trying to make a quick buck. >> we have 15 to 20 cards. >> reporter: al fowler decided
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to handle all the work at his home. >> i don't even take the cards anymore. i just tell them they're wasting their time. >> reporter: louise describes aggressive contractors. she worries for her neighbors. >> a lot of people are older than i am, and they're maybe not as aggressive as i am. they think that people all want to help you and some people do, some people don't. >> reporter: in sarasota county, shannon behnken. >> reporter: not every job requires a state license but you should never hire anyone to do any work if they do not have insurance. if something happens on your property it could cost you big time. up state new york getting slammed with snow today. syracuse was expecting several inches of lake effect snow throughout the day and evening. as you can see it was coming
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that will be a white out right there. as the snow comes down, temperatures cold across the country too for us. dropping into the 40s this evening. mostly clear conditions and areas north of i4 most of the areas under a freeze warning. tonight. saturday another round of cool air here. 53degrees at 11:00 a.m., 58 degrees for the children's extravaganza. what can you say about that? that's a goat in a coat from kimie here. bring the pets inside, that's always a good idea. even if it's a goat. maybe not. 45degrees you're temperature at 10:00 p.m. 43degrees at 11:00 a.m. upper 20s expects but could be expects -- upper 20s expected
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cold dense air is providing us with chilly conditions and winds primarily to the north. we'll be shifting to the of days. in the evening northeasterly flow will help to warm things up just a little bit as we head thursday. near normal temperatures about a.m. area of low pressure approaches from the west. friday, could be some the 70s. as we shoot back up with that southeasterly flow. flow the long range forecast picks up more on this area of low pressure approaching from the west. you can see that best chance of showers and thunderstorms really in the daytime on friday. and then windier conditions building in behind that and cooler that's the weather we're expecting for saturday with highs in the 50s. the warm up carries into thursday and friday along with that rain chance on friday. rain chances drop off early saturday, and then the cold air breezy conditions too. and then by next week monday, tuesday. temperatures warming right back
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kind of the easier up and down thing we do with very chilly temps. >> let's just recap for a >> yes. >> correct. even goats get cold and sometimes they choose on their own to wear coats. >> obviously he made that choice himself. >> they're very smart animals. >> interesting i learn so much on this show. we'll be right back. stay with us. >> here's what you will see tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> fat water, it's a thing. i'll show you exactly what it is and how it can benefit your health coming up.
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if you hate waking up with a hang over after a fun night on the town there's finally a
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with no regrets. there's just one catch. it's made by north korea. the food stuff factory claims to have perfected its koryo to prevent hang overs. they proclaim it to be suave and said it exudes national flavor. vultures hardly the noblest of birds, 10 vultures are on patrol looking for illegal dumpers. they are called home after going out to look for illegal dumpers. that's pretty creative. >> i'm sure they have pretty good sniffers on them. they're always able to find the
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>> carry on. >> we call that road kill where i come from. >> thanks for joining us. >> what really killed eagles legend glen fry? >> his bandmates and fans in shock over his death at 67. new details on his final days now on "extra." >> his music took us to the -- hotel california >> -- and taught us to -- take it easy >> the medical mystery around the death of glenn frey. >> rest in peace, my friend. >> from kelly and michael to keith urban, the star tributes today. the wife and kids he leaves behind, plus the eagles behind the music. >> his standoff with the band
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didn't form the eagles. jamie foxx to the rescue. >> how jamie saved someone from a burning car after a crash outside his house. new photos, chris rock as the pressure mounts over the all-white oscars. will he pull out as host? george clooney taking sides today. plus, why will smith's fresh prince co-star is going off on jada's boycott. >> first of all -- plus, charissa reveals her girl crush on kate hudson. >> you are a little minx, aren't you? >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, new couple alerts. selena gomez moving on with a mystery man from justin bieber. who is he? also, how beyonce stalked
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but today, the death of
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